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Roshaun founded it's a R.A.P. Production, LLC in 2012.  Under his production company, he has written, directed,  and produced several short films and a feature film. In  that same year, his film “Choices” (which is what  “AfterEffect” is based on) won best screenplay at the  Detroit Film Coalition and was viewed on Comcast  channel 16.


His short film “Brenda” based on the  popular song by the late Tupac Shakur, was also well  received. It is currently published on YouTube with over  100,000 views and growing. Roshaun was a featured  guest on the Detroit Public Television show, Metro Arts  Detroit, where he was able to discuss the basis and  inspiration for his work. Metro Arts also aired various  clips of his work.

He wrote, directed, edited and executive produced the  profitable film “Disruption.” The film was among the top  films in black cinema on the streaming platform Tubi  with over 800,000 impressions within the first 3 months.  Disruption is Available for view or purchase on Amazon  Prime, Google Play, Roku, YouTube Movies, and Tubi. He is currently working on his first SAG-AFTRA mini series titled "Trail of Dark Matter."

Roshaun Akeem Page

CEO, President


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