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Don't wait for permission to be successful!

For many years I spent my time looking to find my way as an actor. Running from audition to audition, paying for head shots, and looking for a talent agent just so I can catch that next big break. As the years passed, I began to notice one thing: that as an actor, my success was in the hands of other people. Talent agents, casting directors, and the films’ director all play a part in your success. No matter how prepared you are or how skilled you are, these are the people who have all the power. Today it seems that all the roles for black males are either for gangster and Christian films. Story is everything to me, and the roles for black men are hardly any good because they are largely based off common stereotypes. If you don't like something, change it. So that's exactly what I wanted to do.

Film is my passion; there is no greater joy than being on set. As my passion grew, I felt I needed another way to achieve this dream of working full time in the entertainment business. It wasn't until I heard Vin Diesel's story that put me in the mindset that I can create my own success. After not having any success with his pursuit of an acting career in California, he moved back to New York with his mother who gave him a book called "feature films at used car prices" by Rick Schmidt. It was this very book that gave him the tools needed to walk his own path. Vin Diesel went on to create a short film titled "Multi-facial", which caught the attention of Steven Spielberg, and "Strays", which was accepted into Sundance. These two projects are what helped jump start his career. I thought to myself, “If Vin Diesel can do it, so can I!” So I began to plan.

I wanted to create a company that created solid stories that weren't stereotypical and actresses wouldn't have to worry about nudity. I've known actresses who have turned down roles because the director just HAD to have nude scene. These two elements helped set the foundation for everything that I wanted to do at that point. As a result, I've created It's a R.A.P. Production, LLC and haven't looked back at acting ever since. Will I act again? Sure, but only if I love the story. Right now my focus is writing, directing, and mastering producing/fund-raising. Being multifaceted in these areas arm you with the necessary skills to create your success. Write a script, create your proposal, and raise the money to shoot. All it takes is one solid story to get Hollywood’s attention. None of this is easy but I would much rather have the power to create my own success versus waiting for permission to be successful.

P.S. Thank you Vin Diesel for the inspiration!

Roshaun Page

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